What is programmatic media buying?

It is the use of an automatic platform to acquire digital media through the use of technology. At Indato we have simultaneous and real-time access to the world's largest online advertising markets, premium publishers, Mobile Apps, Social Ads, Video, TV and Display.

Benefits of buying media programmatically

Absolute transparency of the performance of your campaigns as well as the care of your brand through Brand Safe and Anti Fraud technologies.

Segment audiences through massive data analysis and the use of own generated data as well as third party data to the campaigns.

RTB (Real time bidding) technology gives us the ability to automatically bid for each impression independently. This allows us to invest the budget efficiently only in those people who we really want and not by lots.

Reach target audiences by cross-channel (multiple platforms, formats, and devices) in a centralized way reducing execution costs.

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence - Our technology learns automatically with every interaction optimizing each campaign in real time.

Customized Audiences

With Indato your brand can reach the right consumer at the right time and context.
Our technology is integrated into more than 90 global exchanges, reaching 95% of the global digital audience.

Indato has a high degree of customization based on the use of powerful algorithms

First & third party Data

Improved performance by integrating data
You can add all the previously generated information of your brand to each campaign
Our Marketplace allows you to access targeted audiences at a global scale


Our programmatic technology has 1000+ vertical segments

Brand Safe

We guarantee 97% of our impressions
Ability to define Whitelists and Blacklists
Anti Fraud Technology
We know where not to show your brand and where to do so